Sunday, July 27, 2014

How I built my makeshift couch

This is definitely not jewelry-making related
but it is creative related
and a sneak peek into
how I have set up


MY PEACE of jewelry
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Best earring styles for your face shape

I was browsing the web and found this great chart
Earring styles for your Face Shape

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hi All! I just finished making this slideshow - How I Make My MANTRA CUFFs.
Featuring the MANTRA
Music by KOAN 69 "A World Beautiful"
Cuff available on Etsy

 Do you have a particular MANTRA?
MY PEACE of jewelry
Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins

Friday, July 11, 2014

Mix n' Match MY PEACE of jewelry - African Brass Ring Necklaces

Mix n' Match
Layering Necklaces
MY PEACE of jewelry - African Brass Necklaces
on Etsy

Monday, July 7, 2014

How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - African Brass Pendant Necklace

African Brass Rectangle Pendant Necklace
available on Etsy 

I'm keeping it simple during these current hot days
Army green jumper 

A beautiful West African Brass Trade bead pendant 
hanging on a set of bold brass cube beads, closing in back with brass lobster clasp.

Pendant measures - 55mm x 37mm
Necklace length - 30 inches
Hangs mid chest

Handmade Mannequins & Jewelry
Available on Etsy

Glad to link up with DC in Style Monday Bloom

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

MY PEACE of jewelry - Shot today African Brass Ring Necklaces

African Brass Ring Necklaces
Wear one at a time
or both together
Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins available on Etsy

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - West African Brass Pendant Necklaces, Mix n' Match

West African Brass Pendant Necklace
The key word here is "brass"
In my opinion, West African brass pendants are the best looking.
The etched lines in the pendants is a noted characteristic of these pendants
They're uniquely shaped, sturdy, can be worn alone or with other necklaces.

African Brass Ring Necklace with
West African Brass Pendant

Both available on Etsy

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins on Etsy

Monday, June 23, 2014

How I Wear MY (new) PEACE of jewelry - Black Seed Bead & Olive Wood Bead Necklace

I just completed this necklace this weekend. 
It's black seed beads, scatter of oval Olive Wood beads and wooden disc beads
;us silver metal accent beads.

Necklace pairs very well with scoop neckline
Even though I am wearing silver hoop earrings with the necklace,
I did make a pair of matching drop earrings, made out of oval olive wood beads, 
accented with a silver metal bead and black seed bead.

MY PEACE of jewelry in the making...

Same necklace worn with hoops and matching drop earrings.

Necklace available on Etsy

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins on Etsy

I'm glad to link up to DC in Style's Monday Bloom

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - Olive Wood Bead Necklace

I'll leave the fashion to the fashion bloggers.
I've tried but can't keep up with posting "new" outfits
Reason being, I don't like to shop.
I'd rather work with my hands and make accessories.
Specifically MY PEACE of jewelry
So when I post "How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry" post
then 9 times out of 10 I'm wearing something you've previously seen
BUT I try to pair MY PEACE of jewelry with different outfits, 
in order to show how highly mixable my jewelry can be with a variety of looks,
whether, earthy, tomboy, classic, conservative, sexy...

Here I'm wearing a shirt dress from Old Navy with MY PEACE of jewelry 

It's an earthy statement necklace combining Olive Wood Beads and African Trade Beads

I have a pair of matching Olive Wood Bead earrings available with the necklace 
but I love to wear hoop earrings and this big earthy necklace is not going to dissuade me from pairing my hoops with it. I don't like to be matchy matchy anyway.

I think this Necklace pairs perfectly with 
a scoop neckline dress with even a button undone

This necklace and two other necklaces are available on Etsy

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins available on Etsy